Me and My iPhone

So what do you usually do when you have some extra time with your phone? Obviously and undeniably pokemon go is the greatest hit this month and I am pretty sure most people are hunting for their own pokemon. I must admit that I too am addicted to this game. At first it was more of an intrigue because everybody in my office are talking about it and if they have extra time would quickly grab their phone and hope that some pokemon would show up. Not to mention that we are located right next to a pokestop. So I had to try it myself and OMG it is addictive! I even wanted to cheat my way through the game but I was just too scared that my account would get ban. Although I am in the process of getting myself an emulator like bluestack to test the cheats I found from one site. But overall, this game has really gotten me very excited.

While I may have already spent most of my time with the pokemon game, it is still worth mentioning this other games since they were my top list of games before the new game released. I am talking about Football Manager 2016. I mean, who does not love football. And with the game allowing you to have the top players on your team makes it a very interesting game to play. There is also the upcoming FIFA 17 which will be out very soon. Although in real life, I would have loved to play the game and dream of becoming a football hero, it remains a dream. But atleast this game lets me live with it even for just a few minutes.

Another interesting game that I play is SimCity Buildit. The know franchise that used to played in top specs computers (in my college years) is actually now available in the iphone and android and amazingly it runs perfectly fine. Although you can’t zoom in to great extent of seeing all that is happening in your city, still it produces amazing video graphics and all the necessary details for a city are included. I also love how the developers keep adding new contents almost every month and jumps together with current events in the world. Overall, it is an amazing game to play and if you love micro management and acting as a leader or a mayor in this case, you should definitely try SimCity Buildit. For advance gamers looking for a simcity buildit cheats guide, I just know where to find it. But that’ll have to wait for another post. 🙂

Yup, COC and it still kicks some punch. Although admittedly, its gamers are slowly (errr probably not slow but fast) moving to pokemon go, still it is fun to play but takes a lot of grinding to get to top level. On the other hand, it could be that many have already reached the max level of all its buildings and characters that players are left to just waging wars and nothing more. I hope COC has something new to offer soon and I mean really fast because they are losing so much players by the minute and moving to Pokemon.

Another interesting game is Marvel’s Contest of Champions. It’s probably because of the recent movie and all upcoming movies that include the super heroes of the game that keeps player excited. Well, personally that is how I feel and if not for my childhood love about this different heroes and villains, I would not play the game. But yeah, it relives the old glorious days when I just use to read it on magazines and mangas. Now that I can actually control my favorite hero and battle it against the baddest of all villains makes it an enjoyable game to play.

The last of my favorite game for this year 2016 is the not to new Mobile Strike. Build and Train and Conquer. Always love the game strategy ever since the Command and Conquer game back in the PC was released. With the same gameplay but this time using modern and to date military arsenals, makes me more excited about the game. Strategy is always key and moving fast before your opponent gets to is important. And that is why I love this game.

If you need any cheats or trainor, be sure to check out cheats-world. The site has always been my no.1 source of this kind of stuff and not to mention that they always get the latest tools for new games.

So, whats do you do with your iphone when you have extra time? Tell us about it.

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