A new game to play! – Rabbids Crazy Rush

Another game that I would love to play on iphone or android! Without them being characters more grace than I have ever made within this industry, the truth is that the Rabbids have known to go to earn the favor of the public thanks to his hair-raising adventures and, above all, to their continuous comings of pot. And here’s the most recent of all, bearing the name Rabbids Crazy Rush and madness that becomes a title of style Auto Runner (fashionable long ago within the mobile landscape) relatively extensive and quite entertaining.

The originality of its history contrasts with the captured his predictable game mechanics which we will discuss later. And it is that the Rabbids have devised a new plan to reach the Moon, trying to use a hot-air balloon (with pepper included) for this purpose… which aim to propel based burps! For this reason they need to collect many gaseous soda cans fall into their hands (or feet), argument quite extravagant and quite fun.

How to obtain these cans is very easy to explain. The decorations are littered with them and our goal is to go dodging few obstacles are present in the same (from vehicles of all kinds to fences, cliffs, etc.) while we are collecting these precious objects. A game for nothing original formula but that I found entertaining enough… Although somewhat repetitive in the long run.

As a good car Runner, the bunnies run automatically by scenarios of three lanes, being necessary to slide the finger across the screen to perform the basic actions that players can materialize: jump, slide along the ground or change lanes. A control or management rather simple and, more fundamentally, very accurate, since I have hardly experienced any recognition on the touch screen problems.

Added to this basic formula are different elements that give it more gracefully, as for example the presence of certain vehicles. Throughout the game, it is possible to get on certain junk that allow us to overcome the levels of the craziest shapes that you can imagine, so curious vehicles as a magnetic shopping cart or a kind of light aircraft manufactured with a skateboard. With the Rabbids of means, not least expected…

Do you want more? As this in addition to different special items such as cans of spicy that allow us to accelerate what when we gather, or a kind of improvised parachute with which we can travel long distances without put your feet on the ground. And to top it off we also have the possibility to be able to go sprucing rabbits with different outfits, from police to another ninja, adding more fun if it is to the gameplay.

The problem is that over 100 levels that captures the adventure, number more than outstanding for a free to play game, action eventually finds something repetitive. I guess that the problem with this is almost given by the structure of this kind of titles, very corseted, almost always, but the truth is that after one while all becomes rather tiresome. That is why it is highly recommended to enjoy the title in short sessions of play. In addition and as you already adored the appearance of ads, offers the corresponding micro-transactions and other disadvantages of these F2P titles also make an appearance, although they don’t bother so much as the embodied in other similar games.

Where it is not possible to put some sticks to the work carried out by Ubisoft ChengdĂș (the capital of the Chinese province of Sichuan, if you ask you where hell lies this study) is in its remarkable technical approach. The protagonists have been graced with some very good and nice animations while funds are solid and well finished. Add to this loud sound effects and a few friendly melodies and obtain a title very well finished.

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