General Bases of Participation in “Spreading the Reading” of Librería Babilonia .

Abaco, Andaluza de Arte y Artesanía SL, with fiscal and administrative domicile in calle San Diego, number 31; 18005 of Granada (Spain) with CIF n ° B-18509612, organizes a promotional action by lottery, throughout the Spanish national territory, aimed at all audiences, which will be governed by the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.


1. Duration : This promotion will be carried out every fortnight from May 1, 2010, understanding that the periods in which the contests will be held are from 1 to 15 of each month and from 16 to 30 or 31 of each month as appropriate, both inclusive.

2.Territorial scope : The contest is open to any participant but the prize will only be sent to Peninsular Spain and the Balearic Islands.

3. Gratuity : To participate in the draws is not necessary to pay any amount, all of which are free.

4. Personal Scope : People of all ages, who are residents of the national territory, may participate in the draw. It is not mandatory to be registered as a user or customer on the website of Librería Babilonia .

Users, to participate, must:

to. Be followers at the time of the @lib_babilonia contest .

b. Recommend any of the books in the Babylon Bookstore catalog through the Twitter button found on the tab of each of the books or by simply doing a Retweet (RT) of one of these messages to your list of contacts, leaving from that moment enrolled and registered as candidates for the prize.

It is essential that the participants in the draw are individuals. Otherwise, the user will not be eligible for the prize once the contest has been resolved and the winner has been declared.

The workers of Libreria Babilonia and those of the Abacoarte Group, their spouses or relatives up to the third degree, as well as the workers of any company involved in the present promotion, may not participate in this promotion.

The registration by the user for participation in this promotion implies full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Failure to comply with the provisions of these rules will lead to the inadmissibility of the user as a participant in the contest.

5. Communication of the Promotion : Both the realization of this promotion and its raffles, will be communicated through the website and through Twitter by Librería Babilonia: http: // twitter .com / lib_babilonia

6. Mechanics of Participation: Users who, at the date of the draw, have recommended a book that is included in the Babylon Library catalog through the Twitter button found on the card of each book or have made a Retweet (RT) of one of These messages to your contact list and meet all the requirements required in these Rules, will enter the drawing for the prize object of this promotion, which will be detailed in the Babilonia Bookstore Blog in the section dedicated to this purpose and via Twitter .

Each participant chooses the prize only once in each issue, regardless of the number of recommendations you’ve made, which do not influence the increased likelihood of winning the prize.

7. Draw : The draws will be held on the 15th and 30/31 of each month as appropriate. The winner will be proclaimed in response to the result obtained in advanced drawing Sortea2 , where the names of the contestants will be inserted in the same order of participation. These lists will be previously published in the Babylon Bookstore Blog .

Once the winner is obtained, it will be published in the Babilonia Bookstore blog and via Twitter. The Babylon Bookstore team will contact you to request the delivery data of the prize won.

Likewise, for each of the draws and as substitutes, the name of five (5) people will be obtained, in case the winner rejects the prize or for any other circumstance does not get to receive it, they may be called as winners and that will be published at the same time as the name of the winner and in order to which they choose the prize.

Librería Babilonia reserves the right to delay the celebration of the draw if for any justified reason it were necessary for the fair and objective realization of the promotion, being understood in any case that the celebration will take place. In case this happened, Libreria Babilonia agrees to publish it on the web , on his blog and communicate it via Twitter .

Libreria Babilonia at the same time reserves the right to suspend this promotion at the same time as it is considered necessary, with sufficient notice in advance through its Blog and via Twitter .


8. The prizes that will be raffled in the realization of the present promotion consist of a book cataloged in Librería Babilonia as a novelty or bestseller to choose from a set of five (5) that will be published in our blog http: // blog. and communicated via Twitter .

The prize is personal and non-transferable and in no case may be subject to change, alteration or financial compensation of any kind at the request of the winner.

Libreria Babilonia reserves the right to modify the prizes described at any time, by others of the same or similar value and characteristics, committing to publish such modification through the corresponding section in the Babilonia Bookstore blog and via Twitter .

9. Winner : The result of the draw will be communicated to all participants through the corresponding section in the Babilonia Bookstore Blog and via Twitter .

10. Acceptance of the prize: The winner will receive a notice informing him of the result of the contest, at the same time that he will be asked for the necessary information to make the delivery of the prize effective. Once this communication has been sent by Librería Babilonia, the winner will have a period of seven (7) business days to accept the prize and provide the information where he wishes to receive the prize.

In case the winner does not answer this communication or does not accept the prize, Librería Babilonia will inform the first of the substitutes of his condition of winner in the same way indicated above, and will offer him the corresponding prize, communicating the term and the form of acceptance of it.

This procedure will be repeated, where appropriate, with each of the five (5) substitutes until the prize is finally accepted in the manner and time set forth herein. Offered the prize to the winner and to the five (5) substitutes, and in case this one was not delivered to anybody for any cause not attributable to Librería Babilonia, the prize will be deserted and held by Librería Babilonia.

The cost of shipping and / or transportation of the prize will be borne by Librería Babilonia.

11. Responsibilities: Librería Babilonia is not responsible for any losses, deterioration, theft, delays or any other circumstance attributable to the Internet or third parties that may affect the sending of the prizes and / or the possibility of registering on Twitter. Under no circumstances will Libreria Babilonia be responsible for the services that any other entity with which it collaborates, lend to the winners as a result of obtaining the prizes awarded. The participants guarantee the effective fulfillment of the requirements established in these bases, exempting in all cases the Babylon Library from any type of liability towards third parties arising from the breach of said guarantee.

12. Taxation of the Awards: To the prizes of the present drawing, they will be applicable the Law 46/2002 of December 19, the Law 24/2001 of December 27, the Law 40/1998 of December 9, of the Income Tax of the People Physical; Royal Decree No. 214/1999, of February 5, approving its Regulations; Royal Decree 2717/1998, of December 18; Royal Decree 2069/1999 of December 30, which approves the Statute of the Public Business Entity Lotteries and State Gambling; Royal Decree 3059/1966 of December 1, approving the Consolidated Text of Tax Rates; Any subsequent modification to these and other related provisions, so that, where appropriate, the commercial entity Abaco, Andaluza de Arte y Artesanía will be responsible for making the deposit on account or for the practice of withholding.

13. Data Protection: Personal data consigned by users through the website or pages associated with Librería Babilonia, will become part of a personal data file created by Ábaco, Andaluza de Arte y Artesanía SL with address in calle San Diego, number 31; 18005 of Granada (Spain), of its ownership and stored under its responsibility. Libreria Babilonia ensures compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 on the Protection of Personal Data as well as the Regulation that develops it, approved by Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21. Said file has the purpose of being able to manage the sending of the information requested, manage the participation in this promotion and, where appropriate, be able to send the prize to the winners,

Registered users may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their data, and may also request that their data not be used for commercial purposes, by written request addressed to Abaco, Andaluza de Arte y Artesanía, SL

14. Legislation and Competence : These rules are governed by Spanish law and both the participants and Libreria Babilonia, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, are expressly submitted for the knowledge of any dispute that may arise regarding the interpretation or application of these Terms and Conditions, to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of Granada.