How to order
Buying your books at Librería Babilonia is very simple and safe, so you should only follow the following steps:

Select the product
Select the product you want to acquire, for it to navigate through our website using the search engine, or the different sections that make up our website.

Add the product to your shopping cart
In the tab of each product you will see an icon called “Add to cart” . Click on the icon to add the product to your personal shopping cart.

Next, a summary of your personal shopping cart will appear before you, spreading the information you can see at each moment on the right side of Librería Babilonia.

If you wish to continue shopping before processing your order click on the “Continue shopping” link otherwise click on the “Validate purchase” button and continue through step 4. You must repeat this step with all the products you wish to purchase in our store.

Review shopping cart
Once you have all the products that you want to buy in your personal cart you must click on the “Validate purchase” button that is located on the page of your cart or in the right column of the web

Before taking this step it is highly recommended to check your cart, making sure you have included all the desired products in it. You can access your cart whenever you want by clicking on the link “View cart” that can be found in the right column of the web. Check the quantity of each product before continuing, you can change the number of copies you want to buy of each title using the + and – symbols that appear.

Press the “Validate purchase” button to establish the payment and shipping options of your order.

Remember to update your shopping cart through the “Update” button whenever you make any type of change in the number of books you wish to purchase.

Register new account or login
If you are already a registered user of Liberia Babilonia, you must log in with your access data before continuing. If you have logged in before this step will not appear.

If you are not yet a registered user of Babylon Library, you must create a user account before continuing with the process.

Delivery address
Now you must indicate the delivery options of your order, by default it appears as the delivery address the address with which you
registered in Babylon Library. You can change the delivery address by clicking on the “Change address” button . In this step you can
indicate comments about your order. Click on the “Continue” button to continue with the process.

Pay your order
The following page shows a summary of your order and the total price of it, once the applicable taxes and transportation costs have been applied. If you have a discount coupon enter it now in the “Coupon Code” box that you will find on this page.

Select the payment method you wish to use to pay for your order and click “Continue” .

Summary and order confirmation
The following page shows a summary of your order, you can edit any of the details of it before completing
the process.

Click on the “Confirm order” button to send all your data to Babylon Library and formalize your order.

Your order will have been registered with the products and payment that you have accepted. You can check the details of your order whenever you want from your user account

The order will be assigned a number automatically, a number that should be mentioned in the communications with Librería Babilonia every time you want to have information about its status.

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