The shipment of your order is made once Librería Babilonia has received payment for it. If you decide to pay by credit card or PayPal the process is immediate.

If you choose to make the deposit of your order by bank transfer or money order your order will not be sent until Librería Babilonia does not receive the amount of the same. You can speed up this process by sending orders to receive the transfer or money order to . Do not forget to include the order number in the transfer or money order, as well as in all the messages that you send referring to it.

Finally, counter-delivery shipments are sent immediately, once the book / s has reached our offices, remember that this payment method is only available for deliveries in Spain .

The order will be processed the same day of your confirmation, if it is done before 14h the same day. Otherwise, and for logistical reasons, it will be processed the day after the completion of the same and in this situation, the delivery time will be increased by a minimum of 24 hours.

The delivery time of your order depends on the place of destination of the same and is reflected in the file of each of the books that the customer wishes to acquire. In the case of purchasing books with different delivery terms in the same order, such as the delivery time for the same, the greater of the times of each of the books will be applied separately.

Libreria Babilonia tries to give the most up-to-date information possible about the availability status of each of the works published in the catalog of titles, but it is impossible for us to control it in real time. For this reason, a book that is available for purchase may be sold out by suppliers, distributors or publishers. In this case, the client will be duly informed about the subject in question and will be given the possibility to rescind his purchase without any cost to him. If you do not want to cancel the order, the delivery time will be increased until the purchased work is available, without being able to set an exact deadline for the shipment, but approximate.

National Shipments:

Between 24 hours and 7 days if the destination of your order is the Iberian Peninsula or the Balearic Islands.
Between 24 hours and 7 days if the destination of your order is Ceuta, Melilla or Canarias.
International deliveries:

International shipments are made by ordinary air mail and the usual delivery period ranges from 7 to 30 business days.

NOTE: Any type of additional tariff tax to the price of the merchandise will be paid by the client in the country of destination.

Shipping costs:

The shipping costs are calculated based on the number of books that the customer wishes to purchase and the area to which they must send. In the following table an explanatory table is presented:

Zone Shipping type Base Expenses Additional cost per book
Peninsular Spain Messenger service € 4.55 € 0.25
Tenerife Certified mail € 11.00 € 1.00
Las Palmas Certified mail € 11.00 € 1.00
Balearic Islands Certified mail € 8.00 € 1.00
Ceuta Certified mail € 11.00 € 1.00
Melilla Certified mail € 11.00 € 1.00
Andorra Messenger service € 11.00 € 1.00
Portugal Messenger service € 11.00 € 1.00
America Certified mail € 42.00 € 1.00
Europe A * Certified mail € 31.00 € 1.00
Europe B ** Certified mail € 28.00 € 1.00
Africa Certified mail € 32.00 € 1.00
Asia and Oceania Certified mail € 45.00 € 1.00
Rest of the world Certified mail € 60.00 € 1.00

* Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Gibraltar, Iceland, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden.

** Czech Republic, Vatican City, Georgia, Liechtenstein, Latvia, FYR Macedonia, Morocco, Moldova, Monaco, Russia, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Romania, San Marino, Serbia and Montenegro, Turkey, Ukraine.

NOTE: Shipping costs do not include taxes, these are calculated automatically when placing the order.