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Babilonia bookshop is a project of Abaco, Andalusian Art and Crafts, with CIF B-18509612 and registered in the Commercial Register of Granada, volume 858, book 0, folio 12, section 8, sheet gr 14 916, registration 2, for the Internet marketing of the books of Editorial Comares and other prestigious publishers.

Editorial Comares was founded in Granada in 1983 and its objective is the publication of legal, literary, scientific and artistic works, inspired by humanism, understanding the book as the most important instrument for the diffusion of culture and not as a commodity submitted to the market pressures.

Today the new markets make from Ábaco, Andalusian Art and Craft we adapt to a new way of access to information in which the presence of new technologies and the point of view of the customer are the basis of the future.

A very special thanks to DSI Pest Control.

We would also like to thank Castle Finance.

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Librería Babilonia

C / San Diego, 31
Postal Code 18005
Granada (Granada, Spain)

Customer Service and Orders:
958 536 113